At KamCo Plumbing, we offer a full array of plumbing and sewer services. Whether you are needing new plumbing on a remodel or new construction, or need some plumbing repairs done; we are happy to help! No one likes sticker shock, so give us a call to get upfront pricing!


Remodel or new construction? Leaky toilet or clogged drain? No problem! Our expert plumbers can be on the scene lickety split! No one likes the surprise backed up toilet or a drain that just keeps dripping, dripping, dripping. Don't wait for it to fix itself (spoiler alert- it won't) give us a call.

Lift Stations

Not every homeowner or business has a lift station, but if you do it is important to know that maintenance is crucial, and different from regular city sewer. What you flush matters! Not all plumbing companies have experience working on lift stations. At KamCo, we have over 17 years experience of working on both residential and multi million dollar facility lift stations. 

French Drains

French drains are drainage ditches that help to divert and redirect water away from your home or other structure. They are great at preventing water from pooling around your home or worse leaking into your basement. A French drain can be a one time investment that saves you time and trouble for years to come.

Water Heaters

Dependable hot water is not something that you want to be without. Typically water heaters last between 8-12 years. Whether you are looking to upgrade to an energy efficient tankless heater, or would like to repair or replace your tank heater, we have a solution for you.

Water & Sewer Mains

We can repair, replace, or install new water and sewer mains. With both commercial and residential experience, we are ready to help you with your next project! Don't want to have to deal with the planning commission, trying to figure out where the line is? We will take care of that too.

Porta Potties
And More..

Did you get a new fridge with an ice maker, but don't have a water line for it? Have a disposal that is giving you fits? Don't wait for your honey to get around to fixing it, call us and rest easy knowing your project is taken care of!

A toilet is one of those first world luxuries that you don't want to be without. If you are hosting an event or need a toilet for construction, we offer daily, monthly, and long term rates. Our toilets are cleaned regularly and also have sanitizer dispensers. 

Needing a service not listed? Not a problem, give us a call! We are always happy to let you know what areas we can help you with; and if it is something not in our field, we will happily recommend someone we trust.

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