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Tulsa Metro area.. what is not to love! You are our entertainment destination. 


Places to see- a Driller's game. We love the family friendliness of the stadium!!


Where to Eat- hard to pick but we love Oklahoma Joe's! 


Bartlesville- you were the first "big city" we were allowed to drive in!

Places to See- the KIDDIE PARK! We loved it when we were little and love sharing it with our kids now.

Where to Eat- Murphy's and yes, "gravy over all"!




Owasso, we love that you have all the benefits of the big city, but much better traffic!


Things to See- Shopping- so many boutiques and stores, but with way less crowds.


Where to Eat- Our favorite Mexican restaurant right on German corner- Los Aztecas. The lunch #15 and add pork. 


Claremore, we love your old timey charm.. even if we have to wait on a train.


Places to See- Swan's dairy! Get some whole milk and cheese curds while you are there. Also, only once a year, but the Hot Air Balloon Festival.


Where to Eat- Bill and Ruth's is our favorite for a quick lunch or business meeting. 

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